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An antiaging doctor can be the answer to a longer life and a better quality of life for you and your loved ones. These doctors take a very different approach to healthcare than standard docs, and the results speak for themselves. In this article I will go over the most important reasons why you should consider going to one of these physicians for your healthcare needs. I will also tell you what credentials to look for and where to find these doctors. In modern times it is more important than ever to choose wisely when you are picking a doctor, and armed with this knowledge you can make much better choices for yourself and your family. Let’s first examine what they do. What is an antiaging doctor, and what do they do? A doctor that practices anti-aging and functional medicine is one who looks at the body as an integrated system, and tries to find the root cause of your medical problem and eliminate it, rather than just treating the symptoms of illness with a drug. They also take a preventative approach where they try to keep you healthy by anticipating problems before they happen and taking steps to prevent them. Standard medicine waits until you get sick and then treats you. Antiaging doctors typically offer bioidentical hormone therapy, and lifestyle counseling that involves diet, exercise, and drug therapy as a last resort to address your medical problems. These doctors are specially trained and certified in anti-aging and regenerative medicine. Practitioners of anti-aging medicine can be M.D.s, D.O.s (osteopaths), chiropractors, naturopaths, and nurse practitioners. These medical professionals may all practice various aspects of anti-aging medicine, however most of the time these doctors are M.D.s. With that said, let’s look at the top five reasons you would want to see an antiaging doctor for your healthcare: Antiaging doctors seek to treat and eliminate the root cause of your problem rather than just treating the symptoms. This means that instead of years of suffering and toxic drug use, you can eliminate the problem and go on to a longer and healthier life. These doctors specialize in bioidentical hormone therapy which is a safe and effective way to optimize your hormones enabling you to look feel, and function younger in middle age and beyond. This hormone therapy can for all intents and purposes roll back the effects of aging for you. Antiaging doctors are part of a vibrant and continually expanding base of knowledge and training, and keep up with the most cutting edge medical treatments and information. This means that you get the most current up to date treatments and therapies for your medical needs. Doctors that practice anti-aging medicine minimize the use of drugs and invasive procedures. This means that you will always get the safest most natural treatment first, instead of drug therapy right off the bat. Practitioners of anti-aging medicine take a holistic approach and can teach you how to make the necessary lifestyle changes to lower your stress levels, improve your nutrition, and get the right exercise to maximize both your lifespan and your quality of life. (By George Parigian)