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An acidic environment promotes and eventually creates disease- think back to the crashing waves- if it continues to crash down it begins to wear away important things and destruct. An acidic environment takes oxygen away from your cells which are the basis of our lives. Once oxygen is taken away, the cells begin to die and form tumors that may become malignant in other words cancer. Acidic foods also contribute to:

– Heart disease

– High Cholesterol

– Strokes

– Diabetes

– Multiple Sclerosis

– Arthritis

An acidic environment leaves you feeling sluggish, depressed, unhappy, and unhealthy. Having a continuous acidic environment weighs down on your systems- using products that are not natural- breathing in unhealthy toxins even in your home, and eating acidic foods all contribute to this and may also affect your sleep. Finally an acidic environment may eventually lead to death- consistently eating acidic foods, and leading an acidic lifestyle- allowing stress, using harmful products, not getting enough rest just to name a few all may contribute to an untimely demise that can be prevented. But guess what?! There is great news! We can prevent, and possibly even reverse everything that was mentioned above simply by making lifestyle changes. Here are a few ways that we can start even after reading this article:

– Stop eating at least 3 hours before you go to bed

– Get adequate rest

– Eat more foods that are alkalizing vs acidic


– Alkalizing foods: Root Vegetables – such as beets and carrots- the easiest way is to juice or blend them so you get the raw live enzymes immediately into your blood stream

– Cruciferous vegetables – such as broccoli and cabbage- you can easily add them to your salad or lightly steam them.

– Fruits- any and all fruits – except dried fruits

– Eat less acidic foods! The easiest way to remember that is the SAD diet- the standard American diet. If you eat grits, bacon, and eggs for breakfast, a hamburger or turkey sandwich for lunch with chips and a pickle, spaghetti for dinner whole grain or not, maybe a side salad, and in the morning you have had coffee more than not, I can tell you right now your body is acidic. Even if you add an apple in here and there, that is still not enough to create an alkalizing environment. Your daily meals should consist of mostly fruits, veggies and plant-based foods with all the others items thrown in occasionally.

– Work on less stress- not letting your environment affect you. This may sound easier said than done but it is definitely worth a try if your health is at risk.

– Work to eliminate using harmful products on your skin and in cleaning- all of these things seep into our skin and go directly to our blood stream which eventually can affect our organs- anything environmentally safe is fine for cleaning. This may probably seem to be a lot for people who feel they have made healthy changes but if you begin to make these above changes you will most definitely see changes over a period of time. Choose a few at a time and make gradual changes but do your best to allow your body to stay in an alkalized state. (By Nakeesha Harris)