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The FRAME®’s nutraceuticals and supplements are made from herbs and plants that we cultivate and harvest within the Pollino National Park in the Mediterranean. The extracts are obtained using freeze-dry technology (extraction is most often done using alcohol, but we avoid this and have invested heavily in using the most advanced extraction technology). Some of the extraction techniques that we use are actually our own patents and thus not used by any other company. Once we have harvested the plants from our cultivation site in the Pollino National Park, the extracts are obtained within only four hours, never beyond that, in order to fully preserve all the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Thanks to this, our products are much fresher and much more effective and potent than other nutraceuticals/ supplements on the market. Our products are also more effective because of their inherent nature: extensive studies show that the potency and the “charge” of plants grown within that specific area of the Mediterranean (the Pollino National Park) are much stronger than the exact same plants grown elsewhere, and their nutrient count is much higher. For example, goji berries that are grown in Pollino have a higher “nutrient charge” than when those grown in other regions.  The extracts that we use in our nutraceuticals and supplements are the very same raw materials that we (VOS Group, our holding company) have been supplying to the biggest pharmaceutical and cosmetics manufacturers in Switzerland and France (as well as other countries) for over 30 years. The raw materials/extracts that we provide to those Swiss and French medical/pharmaceutical manufacturers must be of the highest quality and have the highest active ingredients “charge” – and this is exactly what we make our supplements out of (same for our cosmetics). We also use formulas that are exclusively our own creation and which we have patents on, so we are the only ones who can use them. Our extracts are from plants and vegetables that are local to the Mediterranean basin (there are only a couple exceptions to this, in which one or two of our extracts are obtained from elsewhere, such as turmeric, which must be grown in Asia) and they are certified organic. Most people know that a product is organic because it is grown without someone actively spraying chemicals and toxins on the plants, but they fail to realize that the plants and vegetables may anyways contain harmful toxins due to the “passive” influence of toxins and pollutants in the air, which they suffer from while being grown near cities or roads or industrial plants, or that reach them through the soil, due to residual run-off from areas in which toxins, pesticides, pollutants and other harmful chemicals are used. Our plants have no such issue, since they are grown within a protected national park, which is also a UNESCO world heritage site and enjoys clean, fresh air, free of chemicals and toxins.  Our nutraceuticals/supplements can be taken permanently. Though we do recommend sometimes alternating with different products. Just as an example, you can take N1-S1 for 3 months and then switch to N1-S2 or N1-S3, but there is no hard and fast rule. Every so often, like after 6 months, it is good to take a 20/30 day “pause” as the metabolism can do a “reset,” and then you can resume taking them normally. In short, it is good to alternate every 3 months with different products (only N1, which has melatonin, we recommend to interrupt only once every 12 months).