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All of us are fighting with time, but we are still on the losing side. The reflections of the hours, days, months, years are the current state of our body. Not just the way we feel exhausted and tired, which is always connected to how we look. The lack of self-confidence and the feeling of underachieving your visual expectations can cause side effects and serious conditions such as depression and lead to chronic disappointment in everyday life. The decrease in your happiness will affect how well you perform throughout the day, and leave you feeling even more down than before. It is why this topic cannot be disregarded. As we mentioned above our face is the mirror to how we treat ourselves, carry ourselves, and see who we generally are. It will reveal everything we want to know about someone we just met. Positive or negative it will be visible when you take a good look in the current state of the skin on the face. Thanks to the development of medicine and technology, we can now look much better and far more beautiful, so why don’t we use the opportunity? The theories and stereotypes are there to be forgotten, the innovations in this topic must be considered for our benefits. PDO thread facelift is just the answer we are looking for, and it will help our skin come alive and make us look full of life as well. Highly effective non-surgical PDO Threads lead to sagging skin tissues and eliminate small areas of fat on the lower face. It is present in general surgery and cardiology, polydioxanone or PDO (synthetic fiber) is used in different areas of medicine. The effects of the threads assistance are seen in stimulating new collagen to your own natural collagen and lifting sagging skin on your face. The fact they pose the ability to induce fat cell death which is a useful and practical way of treating facial fat areas on the surface on the skin. Note that there are two different types of threads, the most significant difference between them is in size. The first ones are small threads, only a few centimeters long and can be placed almost anywhere on the body, the second type of threads is called Cogs. With small hooks on them that grip the skin to pull it against gravity, they are between 6-12 cm which is more than double compared to the first threads mentioned. Without any incisions, the procedure is done because both types of threads are made of PDO, which is used in conventional surgical facelift surgery. The mentioned innovation has brought our attention that the face can be refresh in Round, Sagging Face – Non-Surgical Face Lift, Improving Skin Texture (Wrinkles, Pigmentation, Pores, and Laxity), Jowls (moderate to severe), Increase Collagen (Under Eye Circles, Cheeks, Nasolabial Folds, Skin Furrows), Nasolabial Folds (moderate to severe), Brow / Forehead Lift for Droopy Eyebrows (any degree of drooping), and Marionette Lines (moderate to severe). Now that you know what your options are, the choice is up to you! (By Danielle Granger from