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There are certainly some considerations specific to men’s skin. Considerable exposure to the elements – particularly the sun – means that men can run a higher risk for skin cancer, making skin-repairing ingredients and SPF essential. Men tend to lose moisture to a lesser degree than women, and their skin can handle exfoliation more often than women’s. Considering their thicker skin, a man can use a gentle scrub pretty much every day. It is important to bear in mind that men’s skin undergoes daily aggressions such as shaving with a razor. This also means that men must be particularly careful in terms of cleansing to make sure that they avoid the growth of bacteria or infections, in addition to using nourishing products that help soothe and regenerate the skin after it has undergone the little but constant “traumas” from shaving. And since men’s skin tends to produce more sebum, it is very important to properly regulate this with products that help balance the skin, particularly from the inside out. With all this in mind, we recommend that men always use a day cream that contains protections against the sun, wind, smog, and pollution, such as P2, M2, or R3. In terms of proper cleansing, we highly recommend P1 – Deep Cleansing Facial Scrub Gel, R1 – Exfoliating Butter with Mediterranean Sea Salt, and R2 – Disposable Organic Surfactant Facial Soap Leaves. In terms of sebum-balancing, P4 – Botanical Sebum Regulator Serum is the perfect solution, and in order to feed the healthy bacteria on the skin, the M4 – Nourishing Serum for Skin Microbiomes is ideal. Get more information from