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No doubt, every person will become old one day. But, what if it happens at the age of late-thirty or even earlier? Yes, often we look older than our age and there are many reasons behind it. But, if we pay attention to this issue at the right time, we can lengthen our youthfulness. Yes, we can stay active and healthy even after the age of sixty, if we start planning on it right now. Until you become aware of the certain facts that make us old, or better to say, that kills our youthfulness, you can’t lock your youth. But, are we able to remove the culprits from our body? Of course not; our physic is designed in such a way that eventually it will become old. But, generally it’s a very slow process and surprisingly, we accelerate it unknowingly through several ways. So, if we know and eliminate these reasons, surely we’ll succeed to prolong our youth. Remember, it’s not easy as it sounds – it needs strong determination and long practice.

– Change Your Lifestyle: Let’s talk about the first thing first. Most of the people today have changed their lifestyle and daily routine and the change is highly against our health. Junk food, awaking till late night, smoking, drinking alcohol, avoiding fresh vegetable, fruits and water, using several harmful cosmetics and other similar activities are increasing hazards to our health. So, it is our primary task to control ourselves and start practicing a healthy lifestyle. Here are some essential points you must have to follow.

– Eat Good: Food is the primary substance that builds our health. So, we must have to pay enough attention to our food habit. I’m not saying that you’ve to eat only juices and soups; but you still can take all your yummy dishes. The only thing is that, you have to be conscious about maintaining the balance between calories, vitamins, minerals and other essential substances. To make it simpler for the lay persons, I’ve divided food into three basic categories – white, green and orange/red food. Though almost every kind of food has most of the essential substances, we primarily say that white food provides us calorie, green food provides us energy and minerals and orange/red food increases our immunity and freshness. We should take maximum 50% of white food, 30% of green food and 20% of orange/red food. There’ll be no argument in the case of fat and it should not exceed the limit of 50 grams of unsaturated fat a day.

– Drink a Lot: Almost 80% of our body-weight is nothing but water and water plays a vital role in every chemical reaction that takes place in our body, either directly or partly. So, if we don’t take enough water, we can’t stay healthy – though often our body manages it and we remain unknown about the instant effect. We must have to take at least 3ltrs of water every day to wash out the toxins in our body and keep our organs as well as skin and hair lively.

– Sufficient Rest and Complete Sleep: We are living beings and not robots – thus we need rest to refill our body with energy and to recover the losses. However, today, every person is just restless to earn more and to fulfill their endless desires and demands. But, every person, both male and female need at least 7 to 8 hours of complete sleep at night and about 15 to 30 minutes of rest after every meal. Else, he or she will face several health hazards and lose the glow of youth.

– Regular Exercise and Meditation: Exercise doesn’t always mean joining a gym and heavy-load workouts. It’s enough to have some freehand exercises or 2 miles of walking every day, preferably in the morning. But, remember, it should be dedicated to your health and not the walking or running for catching the bus or train will be counted on it. Meditation for 10 to 15minutes in the morning is sufficient to energize and purify your body and soul to keep you calm throughout the day; but surely, it should be done after proper training.

– Professional-Life vis-a-vis Personal-Life: It’s one of the most vital points for every professional. If you don’t know how or when to pause your work for the day, you must need to consult your senior or a psychologist, who may help you find out the way. At the same time, never carry pending work at home. Enjoy your family life properly that will help both you and your family to maintain a healthy and peaceful relation and will build an energetic atmosphere.

– Laugh Loudly: Yes, there is hardly any better medicine than laughing. If you laugh loudly every day, most of the diseases will remain away from you and you will gather huge positive energy. It is very helpful to keep your heart strong and healthy throughout the life. It’ll increase blood-flow in our body and instantly we’ll feel fresh and cheered.

– No Addiction: Any addiction, starting from tea, coffee to smoking or taking alcohol will kill you silently and you may not be able to recognize the adverse effects until the late 40s. So, you must have to stay away from every addiction. However, one or two cups of tea or coffee in a day or even around 120 mls of wine once or twice in a month is all right.

– No Self-Medication: Today, self-medication has increased remarkably. But, you should remember that your doctor knows your body better than you. Often some medicines may give you instant relief to some problems, but may have other side effects on your body. Mostly self-medication increases complications and thus we should avoid it strictly.

– No Chemical Cosmetics: Nature has blessed us with every element to keep us beautiful and we don’t need to apply any chemical externally. Using harmful chemicals may make us look a bit better for a certain time; but avoiding these will prolong our natural glow. Often, such chemicals may leave a permanent mark on our skin. Still if you want to use any cosmetic, you should use only high quality herbal products. (By Aroop Ratan Banerjee)