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Macronutrients, found in fat, protein, and carbohydrates, deliver energy and maintain optimal body composition. Micronutrients, found in vitamins and minerals, help support this continuous process of development and growth. Both nutrients are vital to body functions and disease prevention. Studies have shown how certain vitamins can lower the risk of heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease.1 Knowing where to find these essential nutrients and how they’re digested, absorbed, and used within your body can help you effectively make dietary analyses. The FRAME® nutraceuticals & supplements, since they are all the result of a rigorous scientific approach, the ingredients used are all of the highest quality. They are comprised of well-known ingredients (hyaluronic acid, collagen, various vitamins, turmeric, etc.) and our own exclusive, patented plant extracts, such as Broccox® (Broccoli extract) with antioxidant action, CAPSIRED® (chili pepper extract) with thermogenic action, or GOJIRED® (Lycium barbarum L.) antioxidant extract from Calabrese goji; exclusive SOLANRED® extracted from MELANZANA ROSSA DI ROTONDA DOP. Totally MADE IN ITALY extracts. In the future, supplementing one’s diet will involve a greater consumption of foods enriched with vitamins and minerals, as well as with natural substances (such as plant extracts), which help compensate for the nutritional deficiencies typical of “industrial,” processed foods. However, supplements such as nutraceuticals will continue their positive trend because, despite a growing awareness that our wellbeing depends greatly on correct diet and lifestyle habits, daily rhythms often prevent the correct application of these principles. Therefore, taking supplements helps maintain the body’s physiological equilibrium. It is also likely that, in the future, intake methods will become quicker and easier; for example, tablets will be joined by soluble sachets or liquid stick packs.