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Are we abusing our body, so that it ages faster than the normal rate? Our bodies need fuel to function. One of the input to our bodies, is the diet that we follow. People are conditioned through their early childhood, to eat certain kind of foods. This could be cultural, social or geographical. As we grow, we forget the goodness of our traditional food and go for easy food. These fast foods are easy on our time. But they compromise our health and quality of our lives. Let us eat only those foods that give well-being to our physical and subtle bodies. The space around us, is teaming with information and changes depending on the food that we consume. Certain foods make you brighter, certain others make you sluggish. Fruits, vegetables and nuts are great and easy to digest. There is minimal cell damage, when we consume these foods. Including these in our diets, could help us live longer and healthier. Meat products require considerable energy to break down and hence are tough on our cells. As a result, the cell repair mechanism gets triggered more often than is necessary. This make our cells to age faster. Scientists have found that every cell has a genetic code called DNA. The beginning and ending of this genetic code, gets shortened every time the cell repair mechanism comes into picture. This repeating code at the beginning of our DNAs are referred to as Telomeres. Telomeres, lose their length every time cell division happens. If we eat right and light, the damage to our cells will be minimal. Apart from your diet, the environment that you live in also plays a critical role. Choose your home in a pleasing locale. The place of your work, is important too. Choose a profession, which you love. This surely has an important effect on our health. What are the do’s and don’ts to counter rapid aging? Spend time to go inwards. Learn simple meditation practices. Make sure you set aside some time in the morning and the evening to center yourself. An example of a simple meditation practice is to listen to a chant, may be for a minute or two. Record these short practices in your mobile phone and listen to those, whenever you have time. This will increase your productivity and make your life healthy. Heavy exercise, though it may seem to be good to the heart, accelerates muscle cell damage and hence makes us age faster. Practice moderation in everything. Always be in the ‘Now’. Don’t day-dream, as your thoughts could run down your cell batteries. Think only, when you need and this will ensure that you have laser sharp attention to what is needed. Reduce your worries that could damage your health. Learn to accept, whatever life is presenting to you. This will have a direct bearing on your longevity. Contented and peaceful life is the key to age gracefully. Practice clean habits. Say No to alcohol, cigarette smoking and drugs. This will ensure you feel good and happy. Free yourself from those addictions, by talking to counselors or to someone who you trust. Also, be with people, who inspire confidence in you. Finally it is our life and it well could be our only one as a human being! So, let us live this life well, age gracefully and die gracefully too! (By Jai Kannan)