R3 – Intensive Moisturizing Regenerative And Protective Day Cream

Intensive Moisturizing Regenerative And Protective
Day Cream
50ml / 1,69 fl.oz

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Day cream with free-radical scavenging and antioxidant properties and with the addition of advanced sunscreens for improved protection and a remarkable pro-ageing effect. A rich, soft, soothing texture ensures the skin is supplied with substances capable of countering both the oxidising agents and the heavy metals contained in big-city smog. In addition to the properties of Dog Rose, Aloe and Argan, the cream offers a dual moisturising effect due to Hyaluronic acid with its high molecular weight that reduces TEWL (Transepidermal Water Loss), and Ceramides, which strengthen the skin’s hydrolipid coating. The plant oils provide emollience and nourishment throughout the day.



Apply a small amount of product to clean, dry skin before leaving home in the morning. Massage delicately until thoroughly absorbed. We recommend using the D4 – (Y-Roller Massager) device for at least two minutes after using the cream.