M5 – Mediterranean Organic Herbs Essential Oils

Mediterranean Organic Herbs
Essential Oils
30ml / 1,01 fl.oz

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Essential oils are extremely prized substances whose extraction is an ancient art. Also known as etheric oils, they are natural products, obtained from plant material rich in essences belonging to medicinal herbs and plants, commonly known as aromatic herbs. Although they are called “oils” their molecular structure and texture is quite different from normal vegetable oils used in cooking. Essential oils have quite a complex composition and they contain the most prized substances of the plant, found in minuscule droplets in the petals of flowers, the peel of fruit, the resin and bark of trees as well as the roots of aromatic herbs and plants. The quantity contained in a plant depends on the species, the climate and the type of soil. The selection of FRAME ® oils originate from organic plants grown in the Mediterranean region. We recommend using our essential oils from the M range with the FRAME® D3 – (Nano Mist Diffuser) device.


FRAME® essential oils have been specially formulated to be micro-atomised and applied to the face using the FRAME® D3 device. First of all, charge the device for about two hours using the micro USB cable supplied. A red light on the back will show that the device is charging. Once the device is charged, the red light will turn off. Open the back cover and remove the tank’s rubber stopper. Chose the desired FRAME® essential oil. The essential oil container has a handy dropper which can be used to fill up the tank. Make sure you close the tank properly and replace the back cover.  Position the device approx. 15 cm from your face, close your eyes and relax your facial muscles. By sliding down the front cover the device will automatically start to deliver the micro-particles of essential oil for 50 seconds, depositing them on your skin. A blue led light will show that the device is on and working. You can repeat this procedure 2/3 times, being careful not to inhale the micro-particles and ensuring that your face, neck and décolleté areas have been misted.  Wait a few minutes after use. Once absorbed, the product proves an ideal base for other creams, serums or make-up. As explained above, the device turns off after every 50 seconds of use. A flashing blue light means that you need to charge the device.

M5.1 – Mediterranean Thyme Essential Oil

Its micro-particles provide instant freshness and moisture to the skin. The mix of plant molecules contained in Thyme essential oil have always been treasured for their antiviral and antibacterial properties. Its sharp, pungent aroma stimulates the central nervous system, improving mood and calming anxiety.

M5.2 – Mediterranean Basil Essential Oil

Excellent for protecting the skin in crowded places, it leaves skin lightly scented and its mix of plant molecules has antimicrobial and purifying properties. Basil essential oil has a typically Mediterranean aroma which instils energy and helps rebalance feelings of anxiety and tension.

M5.3 – Mediterranean Rosemary Essential Oil

This essential oil is long-renowned for its antiseptic and purifying properties. It encourages cell renewal and smooths facial features, leaving skin glowing. It can also be used to aid concentration and improve memory.

M5.4 – Mediterranean Lavender Essential Oil

Long-renowned for its calming properties, Lavender essential oil has a typically Mediterranean aroma which instils calm and serenity. It triggers cellular activity and stimulates the regeneration and purification of prematurely ageing and dehydrated skins.