M4 – Nourishing Serum For Skin Microbiomes

Nourishing Serum For
Skin Microbiomes
15ml / 0,51 fl.oz

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A rich serum, formulated to moisturise mature skin deep down and to feed and increase the non-pathogenic bacterial flora which is normally found on “healthy” skin and which is useful in helping the skin protect itself and react better to aggressions it is subjected to during the day (free radicals, oxidative stress and UV rays). The formula contains an innovative active ingredient which comes from brewer’s yeast and is capable of improving the health of the skin’s hydrolipid layer as it stimulates the endogenous synthesis of Ceramides. Ceramides and Saccharide Isomerate provide moisturisation as does the Karitè Butter and Macadamia and Jojoba oil content.
Note: The discovery of the skin microbiome is a revolutionary scientifc breakthrough as it presents an opportunity for the development of smarter cosmetics. In and on our bodies, microbial cells outnumber human cells by a factor of 10. It is increasingly apparent that this collective set of micro-organisms contributes genetic diversity, modulates disease, influences metabolic processes, and is essential for immunity. The human microbiome is also dynamic, and changes associated with health and disease have been described and mechanistically investigated.The microbiome is also a prime target for manipulation to influence health and disease processes, including skin aging.


Apply to dry skin, massaging with circular movements until thoroughly absorbed. It can also be used together with a day cream or night cream. It is best to apply the serum before the cream. We recommend using it with the FRAME® mechanobiolgical D2 (Thermal-Vibration Face Massaging) device.