D6 + H1/H2/H3 – Portable Glass-thermos Bottle With Herbal Infuser / Decoction Strainer + Encapsulated Infusions

Portable Glass-thermos Bottle With Herbal Infuser Strainer +
30 Encapsulated Infusions

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While we love slathering on various skincare products for our blemishes, wrinkles, and other skin issues, we often forget that nourishing the skin from within plays a far larger role in what our skin looks like. For this reason, FRAME® has created a collection of encapsulated botanical infusions, easy to prepare every morning afternoon and evening, together with an on-the-go double-walled glass thermos with a removable steel infuser. The collection is made up of 3 sets of encapsulated infusions (Detox; Anti-Ageing and Relaxing), each set comprising selected botanical herbs for specific uses, originating exclusively in the Mediterranean region.

What herbal infusions and decoctions are: Herbal infusions and decoctions are an easy way to make a potent drink and extract the oils and flavours from herbs. It is a method which is often used in natural remedies like tonics. Whenever you make tea, you are actually making an infusion. These strong herbal infusions are made with the same method. The difference is that the herbs are allowed to steep for longer (often many hours), which is why they are sometimes also called “long infusions”. The longer infusion extracts more beneficial properties and nutrients from the herbs, bark, roots, and flowers that are used. If a stronger beverage is desired, we call it a decoction. Herbal infusions are the gentlest form of Botanical Medicine, and do not contain caffeine, which makes them ideal for those of us who are caffeine sensitive, insomniacs or generally want to avoid stimulants. Herbal teas are a great ally for health and beauty, as the root to problems more often than not originates internally and should thus be treated from within.

Characteristics of the FRAME® – D6 bottle / infuser: Is a double-layer borosilicate crystal glass bottle with a stainless steel infuser. The infuser/strainer (made out of 18/8 food-grade steel known for its resistance to corrosion and staining, and its antibacterial properties) can be removed after the infusion of herbs or tealeaves. The double-walled glass structure retains heat effectively and keeps your drink hot (or cold) for prolonged periods.

How to operate: Take one capsule of Herbal Infusion (H1, H2, H3), as indicated in your kit, and open it by pulling the tab. Open the steel container and pour the contents inside the infuser and close it with its top. Fix the steel infuser in place by pushing it slightly. Carefully fill up the bottle with boiling water until the steel infuser is completely covered, then close the bottle. While making the infusion, ensure that the bottle is covered at all times to contain the steam. The heat that is trapped inside is crucial to releasing all of those beneficial compounds and volatile oils that the herbs contain. Allow the infusion to steep until the water cools to room temperature or for the recommended amount of time for your infusion recipe. When the infusion is ready, you can remove the steel infuser. An infusion can be refrigerated for up to 48 hours. You can use the bottle to prepare any other bulk infusions or teas, not only encapsulated ones. FRAME® Herbal Infusions are encapsulated for hygienic reasons, to avoid any contamination and to fully preserve the properties of the Mediterranean herbs used.