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The needs of your skin vary not only with age but also with the change of seasons, your personal lifestyle, and your quotidian environment. The choice of skincare products is often influenced by factors that do not meet the real needs of your skin, though. In the vast majority of cases, an over-the-counter, generic, anti-wrinkle or hydrating cream may not be enough to effectively prevent or treat the signs of aging. The FRAME® Made-to-Measure line was created to give a scientific, specialized, and personal answer to the needs of your skin, and it represents a revolution in the field of cosmetics and cosmeceuticals, thanks to its innovative approach to skin care. Individualized creams and serums are created one at a time, and they are specifically customized for each of our clients by combining an innovative manufacturing process with our unique Made-to-Measure system. The result is a product that perfectly meets the needs of your skin, just like a custom-tailored suit. Our pioneering vision radically sets our process apart from the usual mass cosmetic production. Each product is uniquely crafted using an algorithm that cross-checks scientific skin analysis with the individual variables that affect ones skin health. This is precisely why FRAME®creams and serums contain exclusively what your skin really needs, in the exact concentration. Every product is created based on the information we receive from you, obtained through our comprehensive online questionnaire related to your lifestyle and then completed with information about the levels of the three principal characteristics of skin (dryness, oiliness and wrinkles), obtained with the device that we provide you with (D1Bio-Impedance Skin Analyzer).

Our team of experts will analyze the data and will identify the active ingredients best suited for your skin. The final result is the creation of a FRAME® kit adapted to respond to your specific biological needs. Each product contains the optimum concentration of the purest active ingredients for an effective and personalized pro-aging program. In order to be effective, beauty treatments must continue to evolve with your skin, and FRAME® will continue to follow you step by step, season by season, tailoring the products you use to your current, specific needs. Customers who have particular skin problems; transgender individuals; and those who have had plastic, reconstructive, or aesthetic surgeries, please mention this on the questionnaire. In addition to replying to our online questionnaire, a member of our scientific advisory board will get in touch with you by e-mail and will ask you for further details before proceeding with the creation of your tailor-made skincare programme. Your status, environment and behaviors significantly affect your health and the quality of your skin. By answering these questions, you help us identify which elements can be modified to optimize the effectiveness of your customized treatment.

Note: If you wish to be assisted in completing the questionnaire, you may contact one of the authorized esthetic consultants available to you at our sales points. After the questionnaire has been completed, the consultant will forward it to our laboratories and will inform you regarding collecting your tailored Made-to-Measure kit at the point of sale. If you wish to download the questionnaire, it is available at the link below.

Download here the questionnaire:



*Where do you live for most of the year? (country)
*Blood group?
*Do you use aluminium pans and foil for cooking?
*Do you use pans with Teflon® coating?
*Do you use plastic containers for food without BPA free certification?
*Are you careful with what you eat?
*Do you have breakfast?
*Do you have 3 main meals a day?
*Do you have 1-3 snacks a day?
*Do you eat between 7-9 portions of fruit and vegetables daily? (Note: 1 portion of vegetables is about 80g, 1 portion of fruit is about 150g)
*Do you drink tap water?
*Do you drink water from plastic bottles?
*How much water/liquids do you drink a day?
*Do you drink alcohol?
*Do you smoke?
*Did you used to smoke?
*Do you have amalgam fillings (also known as silver fillings)?
*Do you feel worse in certain periods of the year?
If so, do you feel worse in:
*Do you go to bed by 10.30pm?
*Do you often go to bed after midnight?
*Do you fall asleep with the light on?
*Do you sleep with your mobile phone on your bedside table?
*Do you find it difficult to fall asleep?
*Do you wake up during the night and find it difficult to get back to sleep?
*Do you sleep more when you don't have to go to work?
*Do you wake up before 7am?
*Do you manage to sleep 6-7 hours consecutively every night?
*When you wake up, do you feel refreshed?
*Do you have nightmares?
*Do you sleep alone?
*Are you satisfied with the quality of your sleep?
*Do you have any infectious diseases?
*Are you coeliac?
You are intolerant to:
You are allergic to:
*Do you sunbathe?
*Do you use sunbeds?
*Do you live in a city?
*Do you work mainly in closed environments?
*Do you spend a lot of time in air-conditioned environments?
*Are you exposed to toxic substances or heavy metals?
*Do you do sport/physical activity weekly?
If so, how long?
Gym or outdoors?
*Do you regularly use cosmetics?
*Do you use a moisturising cream?
*Do you dye your hair?
Do you have any particular skin problems or diseases?

Now look at your skin to identify your skin type: you will help us understand better what active ingredients to use to prepare your personalised kit. You can check your skin type following a few simple steps: thoroughly cleanse skin with cotton wool and cleansing milk. Rinse your face thoroughly in order to remove any residues. Leave your skin alone for 15 minutes (do not apply any creams or toners; do not drink coffee or alcohol and do not smoke).


With a few simple questions we'll try to define your skin phototype to evaluate your genetic sensitivity regarding skin damage and sun exposure. For each category, indicate the option that fits you best.


Pale blue, light grey or light greenBlue, grey or greenHazel or light brownDark brownVery dark brown


Here you should consider your natural hair colour in early adulthood (before it may have turned grey).
Red, strawberry blond or light blondBlondDark blond, sandy brown or light brownDark brownBlack


Pale whitePale or very fairFair, beige or goldenOlive or darkVery dark or black


People with fairer skin tend to have more freckles. Think about how many you have on areas of your skin protected from the sun.
A lotSomeA fewHardly anyNone


I always burn. My skin goes red, burns, blisters and peelsI usually burn. My skin blisters and peelsI burn a little but nothing really serious happensI don't often burn. My skin doesn't usually burnI don't burn. My skin never burns


I don't tanI tan slightlyI tan and my skin becomes noticeably darkerI tan darklyI already have dark skin but it goes even darker

Skin properties

Individual skin type may change due to external (e.g. climate, skin care) and internal (e.g. medications, hormonal changes) factors over time – it is not static. However, please read the text below, and try to indicate which of this description you consider to be your skin type.

NORMAL SKIN: Displays a smooth texture and a rosy, clear surface, with fine pores. There are no visible blemishes, greasy patches or flaky areas. Sebum production, moisture content, keratinisation and desquamation are well-balanced. Normal skin is often found in young personsDRY SKIN: Is characterised by a lack of moisture in its corneous layer, resulting in tightness and even flaking. The skin appears dull, especially on the cheeks and around the eyes. It may lack elasticity, with accentuated fine lines and wrinkles. In more severe cases, itching and burning may occur. Extremely dry skin shows signs of cracking and fissuring. Dry skin can be genetically determined or triggered by factors such as climate, cosmetics and medications. It can be a natural consequence of the ageing process, as sebum production slows downOILY SKIN: Is characterised by an increased amount of lipids on the skin surface due to overactive sebaceous glands. It is shiny and thick, often with enlarged pores. Oily skin is prone to blackheads and other blemishes. It occurs more often in men than in women, and it predominantly affects adolescents and younger personsCOMBINATION SKIN: Is rather dry in some parts of the body and oily in other areas. Mixed facial skin tends toward dryness on the cheeks and around the eyes while being oily in the t-zone (nose, forehead, chin). The dry parts and the oily parts require different skin care regimens. This skin type is very commonSENSITIVE SKIN: Is not a skin type, but rather a symptom caused by various factors. Patients tend to describe their skin as “sensitive” if it frequently reacts with redness, itching, burning or dryness to the topical application of skin care products. Causes for this condition may be an underlying skin disorder, allergies, contact to irritants in certain products, or the use of inadequate, not skin type-adjusted products. Most commonly, the facial skin is involvedMATURE SKIN: With age, the skin’s sebum production slows down, often leading to increased dryness, an accentuation of fine lines and wrinkles, and flakiness. The skin may appear dull, and finally start to itch and burn. In women, the shifting balance of hormones, during menopause causes various changes. As their skin thins considerably after the menopause, women’s skin may become more sensitive to sun damage and weather extremes. Another problem is hyperpigmentation, especially in persons with a long history of sun exposure. While it is important to meet the needs of mature skin, it is necessary to keep in mind that not all persons over 40 experience the above-mentioned problems. Therefore different skin care regimens may be necessary in persons of the same age according to their skin type

Skin characterisics

Your biological age does not always correspond to your skin's age. You can be 30 years old but look 40, or 50 years old but not seem any older than 35. It all depends on what condition your skin is in and how you care for and nourish your skin daily. For this reason, it is important that you recognise the external signs of skin ageing in order to be able to counter them effectively. Indicate the option that fits you best.

Fine thread veinsAbundant, prominent thread veinsIt produces a lot of sebum and pores are dilatedMicro-cysts and a tendency towards acneSevere acneAcne scarsAbundant, prominent dark spotsA few dark spotsTendency towards redness and irritationTendency to form wrinklesAbundant, deep wrinklesSome wrinkles, mainly around the mouth and eyes

Thank you for your patience. To complete your registration, now please fill in the space below with your contact information: the electronic device called "D1" (Impedance Skin Analyser) will be sent to you as soon as possible. This will be used to record further information, which you will send us by e-mail. We, in turn, will send it to our laboratories to be analysed and processed by our experts. In just a few days they will produce your personalised kit and send it to you along with instructions. Once you have signed up we will also send you a confirmation e-mail with a user code which will identify you and which you will need to use every time you access the “Sign-In” area. This way you can keep in touch with our specialists and customer service personnel, who will assist you in your every step, season after season.

*Name and Surname
*E-mail address
*State / Province / Region
*ZIP / Postal Code / Coutry

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