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Every correct skin care routine includes the application of a tonic, its goal is to maintain the pH balance of the skin and to give it, in fact, tone. The evolution of the simple tonic in FRAME® research has led to the development of a new approach to this important phase of your beauty routine through the application with the D3 (Nano Mist Diffuser) of the M5.1, M5.2, M5.3 and M5.4 products. After vaporization, wait a few minutes to allow the skin to take full advantage of the application of our essential oils before proceeding with further steps of your skin care routine. An essential oil for every need:

– M5.1 (Thyme): performs a purifying and sebum-balancing action, gives immediate freshness and hydration to the skin of the face, the pungent and lively aroma stimulates the central nervous system, improving mood and calming anxiety. Particularly recommended in the morning routine.

– M5.2 (Basil): has a protective and regenerating action, infuses energy and helps to rebalance states of anxiety and tension. Particularly recommended in the evening routine.

– M5.3 (Rosemary): promotes skin renewal and relaxes facial features, leaving skin luminous, can be used to improve concentration and strengthen memory. Recommended in both the morning and evening routine.

– M5.4 (Lavender): activates cellular life and stimulates the regeneration and purification of prematurely aged and dehydrated skin. Particularly recommended in the morning routine. 

Tips for usage/application: First, charge the D3 device for about two hours using the supplied USB cable. A red light on the back indicates that the device is charging. Once charged, the red light goes out. Open the back cover and the rubber cap of the tank. Fill almost completely with water, choose the essential oil FRAME® you want to use. The essential oil container has a dropper, with which you can dose the oil correctly, pour a few drops of essential oil into the tank (from 2 to 7 drops depending on the desired intensity), close the cap and reinsert the rear cover. Hold the device about 15 cm from the face, close the eyes and relax the facial muscles. By pushing the front cover down, the device will automatically start dispensing the micro-particles of essential oils for 50 seconds, letting them deposit on the skin of your face. A blue light indicates that the device is on and functioning. It is possible to repeat the operation 2/3 times, avoiding the inhalation of the micro-particles dispensed and making sure that the face, neck and décolleté have been sprayed. The device switches off after every 50 seconds of use. The flashing blue LED indicates that the device needs to be recharged. Wait 5 minutes before applying the following products. Once absorbed, the product becomes an excellent base for applying other creams, serums or make-up.