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Essential oils are extremely prized substances whose extraction is an ancient art. Also known as etheric oils, they are natural products, obtained from plant material rich in essences belonging to medicinal herbs and plants, commonly known as aromatic herbs. Although they are called “oils” their molecular structure and texture is quite different from normal vegetable oils used in cooking. Essential oils have quite a complex composition and they contain the most prized substances of the plant, found in minuscule droplets in the petals of flowers, the peel of fruit, the resin and bark of trees and the roots of aromatic herbs and plants. The quantity contained in a plant depends on the species, the climate and the type of soil. The selection of FRAME® oils originate from organic plants grown in the Mediterranean region. This box  is available at www.framecosmetics.onlinefor 260 Euro (shipping included) and contain:

M5.1 – MEDITERRANEAN THYME ESSENTIAL OIL:  Its micro-particles provide instant freshness and moisture to the skin. The mix of plant molecules contained in Thyme Essential Oil have always been treasured for their Derma-purifying and sebum- balancing properties. Its sharp, pungent aroma stimulates the central nervous system, improving mood and calming anxiety.

M5.2 – MEDITERRANEAN BASIL ESSENTIAL OIL: Excellent for protecting the skin in crowded places, it leaves skin lightly scented and its mix of plant molecules have purifying properties. Basil Essential Oil has a typically Mediterranean aroma which instils energy and helps rebalance feelings of anxiety and tension.

D3 – NANO MIST DIFFUSER: The device, delivers instant hydration and leaves skin plump and glowing. Thanks to nutrient-rich essences, it revitalizes skin – ideal for frequent travelers and OLs, or anyone who suffers from skin dehydration caused by exposure to air-conditioning or other aggressive elements. A quick spray leaves your make-up tighter and transparent. Using Ultrasonic Atomisation Technology, this elegant and portable device is designed to moisturise your facial skin deep below the surface. The device transforms M5.1-Thyme and M5.2-Basil essential oils into nanometre particles smaller than pores (0.3-0.5 nm) to enhance their penetration into the basal layer of your skin, amplifying the effectiveness of FRAME®’s organic essential oils, which are specially formulated for use with this device.

WARNINGS: Essential Oils contain allergens. Check that you are not sensitive to the product by applying a few drops to a small patch of skin. Wait a few minutes and check that no adverse reaction occurs. In the event of inappropriate use or adverse reactions, wash the affected part thoroughly with water and consult a doctor if necessary.