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Aging is defined by Sang Whang, author of “Reverse Aging” as the accumulation of acid wastes within our body. The theory is that we get old because we are not disposing of all internally generated acid wastes and toxins; these simply accumulate in the body. These accumulated toxins are also a cause of stress and with some simple lifestyle changes, the effects can be reversed. We are born with high alkaline blood pH of 7.44 and as we get older, the blood pH drops down to 7.35 or below. This is one of the reasons why younger people are more energetic than older people. The most effective way of getting rid of all the acid wastes and toxins that have accumulated in the body after years of consuming acidic and toxic foods and drinks is to gradually reduce their intake. By slowly cleansing the system of toxins, you can actually feel younger and more alive. Rapid detoxing can lead to unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. If currently drinking 5 cups of coffee or tea each day, try changing to decaffeinated and then reducing consumption to 2 cups a day in the first week and 1 cup a day in the second week. By then, if you have been hydrating properly, your taste buds will have adapted and the desire to drink coffee or tea will actually diminish. This is the amazing thing about sensible daily detoxing; your body and brain will actually adapt and start seeking healthy alternatives to the unhealthy choices you were making before. Yes, you will start to crave healthy alkalising foods and drinks, while beginning to dislike the taste of those old toxic, unhealthy acidic foods and drinks! Many people are simply too toxic to do a 10-day or 20-day detox without suffering significant withdrawal symptoms. The body comes to rely on toxins and will resist letting go of them! By slowing and ultimately stopping the consumption of toxic foods and drinks, your body no longer has to focus its energy on moving toxins out of the system. The metabolism will then help you deal with stress in a much more effective and efficient way. So here are three simple detoxing tips to relieve stress:

– Slowly reduce and better still completely eliminate caffeine in tea, coffee and any other drinks. Substitute Red Bush, fruit teas or herbal teas instead

– Reduce consumption of processed foods, all of which contain toxic preservatives and additives (it’s those E numbers)

– If you drink “diet” fizzy drinks – please don’t. You’re actually better off drinking the full sugar versions if you must – because artificial sweeteners are even more toxic than sugar. (By Andrew Bridgewater)