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Under eye bags, puffiness and dark circles underneath the eyes are the most common under eye issues that many people face. Having these kinds of skin issues make a person to look old, dull and tired. Among those issues, dark circles are the most common of them all. Attempting to eradicate dark circles is a little bit difficult so you will need the best treatment on hand. So what are the best ways to get rid of this problem? This is what we need to find out. One all-natural cure that assists to get rid of dark circles is actually having enough sleep. A lot of rest every night leaves our bodies feeling fresh and energized thus it provides our skin a youthful glow. While we are asleep, this is the time where our skin revitalizes. It repairs and heals damage done by different harmful factors. It is advised that we sleep at least 8 hours a day. Another all natural cure to lessen the look of dark circles is to concentrate on healthful eating. Skin’s health can be improved when somebody drinks a lot of normal water for this keeps the skin hydrated. In addition, healthful skin can be achieved when one’s body is properly nourished with the best vitamins and minerals that we can highly get in various fruits and vegetables. In this way, it improves beauty and it helps eliminate under-eye issues. Now if you want a short-term remedy, select a high-quality cover-up and then use it before applying virtually any cosmetics to cut back the appearance of darker circles under the sight. This is a good technique of hiding dark circles and will make your eyes appear brighter. After using cover-up, pick eye shadow shades that will compliment the eye area. Avoid using bluish as well as purple tones which may highlight dim sectors. Aside from dark circles, many people also have eye puffiness. The next under eye issue that most females need to cure after they have treated under eye circles would be to battle puffiness. Eye puffiness makes veins more and more obvious, creating darker tint as well as unattractive circles. Under eye puffiness is well dealt with by utilizing thin slices of cucumbers or cooled tea bags placed on top of the eyes every night. These kinds of treatment will stimulate under-eye skin that will result to a fresh and brighter look. Another good treatment would be utilizing the best anti aging creams such as an under eye serum. These are uniquely formulated products that are high in Vitamin K, E and A, which are widely available in the marketplace. This is the reason why these kinds of products are commonly used in treating under eye issues for they are safe, effective and affordable. Aside from those vitamins, they contain ingredients like Haloxyl and Eyeliss that are proven effective in treating dark circles, puffiness and other under eye issues. There are also home remedies that you can try out to reduce the look of dark circles and other issues. One of the most common is putting thin cold slices of cucumber on top of your eyes. Cucumbers are known to have revitalizing properties and it helps relieves muscle tension too. Other options could be putting chilled spoon or tea bas on top of your eyes. No one wants to have a raccoon eye that is the reason why people are so eager to know the different ways to lessen the look of it. Thankfully, there are numerous approaches to reduce it and all we need to do is find the best one for you. At FRAME® we offer the R6 emulsion with remarkable decongestant and stimulating properties for eye contour area microcirculation. Applying this product in the morning and evening,  helps to reduce dark circles and bags. The cosmetic action is provided by Aescin, which tones and strengthens capillaries, as well White Truffle extract, whilst “soft-focus effect” micro-particles brighten skin. Get more information from