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It’s hard enough keeping lipstick in the lines when you’re young and have steady hands; imagine how much more difficult it becomes once your skin begins to sag and your lips start to develop wrinkles. The phenomenon of lip feathering is what happens when the skin around your mouth starts developing tiny fine lines, and during the course of the day, your lipstick begins to bleed into these fine lines, which makes the lip look messy. If you want to know how to look younger as you age, preventing lip feathering is an easy way to keep your mouth looking youthful. Here are a few ways you can use natural skin care products to prevent lip wrinkles, as well as ways you can prevent lipstick feathering if you already have wrinkles. To prevent lip wrinkles in the first place, you need to have both a good natural skin care system in place, as well as healthy habits. Regardless of anything else you do, you should have a good anti aging wrinkle cream in your arsenal to prevent wrinkles and fine lines from popping up, as well as to treat existing ones. (Using a hydrating anti-wrinkle cream helps to smooth out wrinkles from the inside out, by keeping your skin cells plumped and full, so they make fine lines less visible.) In addition to using anti aging cream twice daily, you should also make an effort to maintain a healthy weight, protect your face from sun exposure, and eliminate cigarettes and second-hand smoke from your life. Balancing your weight through healthy eating and consuming foods that contain vitamins and antioxidants – such as berries, leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables – helps prevent collagen loss in your skin, so your face is less likely to wrinkle or sag as you age. This alone will help with how to look younger. However, much more likely to take a toll on your skin are sun and smoke damage. Fine lines easily show up when you’ve got a pack-a-day habit, and sun exposure is a close second for destroying youthful skin. If you have a hard time remembering to keep your skin covered, look for a morning anti aging cream that contains sunblock, so you’ll always be protected. Of course, if you already have lip lines, you can use an anti aging wrinkle cream to reduce their appearance. Some people even resort to Botox injections to keep the skin looking fresher, but an anti-wrinkle cream is a better long-term solution. To prevent lipstick from feathering through existing lip wrinkles, pick up a lip liner pencil that is the same color as your skin, and use it to trace around your lips before applying lipstick. It will keep the lip color contained and won’t be visible once it’s applied. (By Samir Patil)