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There are many people who want to know how proper nutrition prevents and cures gray hair. Eating right can have a number of benefits for the body, however, it is first important to note the many detrimental effects that the wrong foods can produce. For this reason, it is often better to focus on eliminating the wrong products from your diet and then work on building a healthier eating plan from this point. Graying hair is a normal aging process. This means that when your strand begin to lighten, this does not mean that there is anything wrong with you. Even when the hair begins to transition to this color at an early age in life, genetics are the likely cause. In spite of this, this change is always related to the body accepting genetic clues to make this change by exhibiting the outward signs of aging. Science supports this through the natural maturation process of Silver back gorillas, who earn their silver hairs once they are fully mature at the age of 13. Many modern diets and lifestyles, however, tend to accelerate the process in humans. For instance, if you smoke, your body will begin to exhibit the outward signs of growing old much more rapidly than if you do not. Your very habits encourage the body to enter into this rapid stage of maturation. The same is true for people who eat a lot of processed goods, white sugars and even soda among other things. The goal of any nutritional changes that you make to this end should be to halt the aging process or to delay it. This can be done by eating more foods that promote youthfulness vitality and health. You must also eliminate prepackaged and processed goods from the diet and enter into a smoking cessation program if necessary. Eating lots of green leafy vegetables is key. Even green algae such as spirulina and chlorella are recommended as well. These are considered to be super foods and they help people to retain their vigor and youthful appearances, much more effectively than do snack cakes, potato chips and energy drinks. You also want to get plenty of healthy fats in your diet. These include salmon, avocados and nuts among other things. A fat-free diet will not have the best benefits for the body as there are certain fats that the body needs in order to enjoy good health. In addition to eating more of the right foods, there are also many foods and lifestyle habits that you should avoid. Living in a sedentary fashion will usually cause people to age more rapidly than if they were active. Thus, you should be sure to get regular exercise each and every day in order to promote optimal circulation and advanced toxin removal. You will find that proper nutrition prevents and cures gray hair in a number of ways. It helps to reduce the number of toxins that are present in the body and allows for the deliver of ideal nutrients to many areas. You can start looking better and feeling better from the top of your head down to your toes, by simply choosing to take right actions and to feed your body the right things. (By Jonathan J. Washington)