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It happens to the best of us. As we approach the second half of our lives we see a decline in muscle and skin tone if we don’t take steps to maintain our body with a good lifestyle. I have been fortunate really until the last 18 months but it seems that almost from the day I turned forty things started to deteriorate rapidly! The things that I took for granted are no longer sympathetic to poor diet and lack of exercise. Having said that I have also noticed that even when I have made positive changes I still seem to have an almost tired appearance. My skin is a little grey and the fact that my jaw line is no longer as taut as it once was seems to almost drag my whole face down. I guess one of the things that we sometimes forget is that even if we lose weight on our bodies, the resulting weight loss on the face on neck can often make you look older if you don’t do something specifically for above the neckline. I am a believer that it is at this time of life that we start to really enjoy life and know what makes us happy but wouldn’t it be wonderful to go out without that second or even third glance in the mirror. Even with a strong fit body, people talk to and look at your face so presenting well at all levels is something many people strive for. The good news is that perhaps we have been approaching this all wrong, spending money on anti-aging products which may have a temporary effect but still not working on the skin from the inside out. Yes, you can apply creams and the like to improve your appearance but if you provide your skin with the building blocks it needs it will be kind to you in return. Here are three of the best Anti-Aging foods:

– Citrus Fruits: All citrus fruits have high levels of vitamin C which is essential for production and maintenance of collagen. It doesn’t have to be simply a piece of fruit or glass of juice, try cooking with these lovely fruits too. Fish wrapped in foil, baked in lemon juice and served with a leafy salad with orange segments and a citrus dressing is a great way to boost your intake too.

– Avocado: Whilst you are smothering your skin in vitamin E cream, take a minute to think about providing it from the inside out. Avocado is a great source and can be used in more than a guacamole. Try using it as a replacement for your butter on a whole wheat or whole grain cracker. Add some smoked salmon and cucumber and you have a delicious treat! I lived on this for breakfast when I first had my daughter as I knew that I needed all the energy I could muster! I lost weight and glowed!

– Tuna: Can deliver a quick sandwich or a lovely meal. It is full of selenium which is great for protecting our skin’s cells from free radicals. It also helps to preserve those precious collagen fibres that keep our skin smooth and clear. Tinned tuna is great if made into a sandwich filler with lemon juice, a drop of olive oil, salt pepper and grated carrot. Pop it into a whole wheat sandwich and not only will it keep you full for a long time but it will work wonders for your skin. You’ll also find that eating this kind of food may reduce bloating and flatten your stomach a little. You’ll notice from the above foods that they are also some that will be recommended in a weight loss program. One of the key things we often hear is that we need to replace white starchy foods for wholesome equivalents. There is a reason that this is also appropriate for the health of our skin. Refined carbs elevate your blood sugar and causes your body to release insulin, we know that this can be a reason for cravings and tiredness but did you know that it also makes the collagen in your skin fuse with the elastin? This has the knock on effect of losing elasticity which of course leads to wrinkles. I think overall it is important to have balance in our daily lives and if we can each take steps towards living a healthier life it can only be a good thing. If we can smooth our skin and flatten our stomach at the same time it’s even better! (By Emma Herbert)