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Drinking tea is a very common habit among people nowadays. It has almost become a part of our daily diet. It certainly is very healthy but ‘Camelia sinesis’, widely known as green tea is a complete care-taker of your health. This tea does so many wonders to your body that you may not probably even think of. However, over consumption of this beverage might lead intoxicating your liver or you may also suffer from oxidative stress. So before you start drinking green tea, just learn some facts about the same. ‘Camelia sinesis’ originally was cultivated in China and Japan which now have spread in Asia and West also. Many years back, some countries in Asia like Thailand, China, Korea, and Japan used it both in the form of beverage as well as medicine. This is only because of its properties of healing various wounds and ability to control bleeding, it regulated the body temperature and was effective in controlling the blood sugar and cured indigestion. Now the question arises in mind that what is it that makes this herb so healthy? Well actually the leaves of this tea are not being fermented. This is why it contains a higher amount of powerful antioxidants which is also known as polyphenols. Moreover the herb includes different enzymes, essential amino acids, carbohydrates, vitamins, carotenoids, tocopherols and flavonoids (a group of phyto-chemicals). It also has caffeine but much lesser than the black tea and coffee which we consume daily. The anti-oxidants present fight the free radicals and thus prevents the damages caused by it. On the other hand, the flavonoids have anti-oxidative as well as anti-carcinogenic functions that prevent a few kinds of cancer. Green tea leaves are now directly sold in stores under variety of brands. Brewing the perfect cup of this very tea is easy and quick. All you will require is 2-3gms of green tea leaves (for one cup), water and honey. One should heat the water keeping in mind that the temperature must not reach the boiling point. As the water heats up, remove it from the flame and add the leaves and keep it closed for some time. Then pour it into the cup, add honey to it and enjoy the best health drink of the world. A cup twice a day is perfect for adults and shall keep them healthier than any other drinks. Nowadays it is also available in the market in the form of capsules and its liquid form is also available which is basically made from the extracts of the leaves and the leaf buds. (By Moumita Karmakar)

Caution: People with problems like high blood pressure, kidney or liver problems, ulcers in stomach, anxiety and pregnant and breast – feeding women and children must not drink green tea. Those suffering from anemia, diabetes, glaucoma and osteoporosis must consult their physician before consuming it.