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FRAME® COSMETICS continues to lead the wave of vegan beauty brands to deliver safe and effective Pro-Ageing solutions and services inspired by the free and easy Mediterranean spirit. Aiming to actively celebrate the cycles of life through its offer, FRAME® COSMETICS continues to dedicate R&D to enhancing its range of cruelty-free, vegan beauty products — proving that health and happiness go hand-in-hand when it comes to sustainable, long-lasting beauty solutions. Since launching in 2017, the Milan-based brand has committed itself to the ethical and sustainable development of natural beauty products rooted in powerful plant-based ingredients. To achieve this, FRAME® COSMETICS are developed from the company’s own plantations in order to have complete control over the plants which go into each of their skincare products, overseeing each active ingredient from seeding to harvest, and maintaining quality control from start to finish. It all begins at Pollino National Park; located in the southern regions of Basilicata and Calabria, Italy’s largest national park is recognised as a UNESCO world heritage site for its complex ecosystems incorporating a colourful mix of flora and fauna. FRAME® COSMETICS’s local Mediterranean plants are grown here in accordance with the new European agriculture organic standard (IF), utilising modern farming technologies where organic food is produced with all natural and renewable resources. In this balanced network of agro-ecosystems, nutrient cycles are adapted to the demand of the crops, leading to 100% chemical- and pollution-free crops. In addition, FRAME® COSMETICS’s integrated farming practices adhere to the more stringent requirements of the AIAB (Italian Association for Organic Agriculture), the first organic cosmetics board in Italy which ensures all raw materials in consumer products are 100% organic and GMO-free. At the heart of the compliance controls is respect for the environment and all forms of life in it — an eco-friendly ethos that’s become inseparable from FRAME® COSMETICS’s own company mandate. Within four hours of being gathered, the R&D team obtains extracts from their plants using their own patent technologies. This special network of cultivation, extraction and formulation of active plant ingredients is the key factor in the elevated quality of FRAME® COSMETICS’s products — in essence, the “natural charge” of their plants remain intact and thereby far more potent. To further its commitment to green plant production methodology and extraction, FRAME® COSMETICS has developed its own SAB (Scientific Advisory Board), comprised of pre-eminent professionals across a variety of related fields. Combining areas of scientific expertise in gastroenterology, biochemistry, pharmacy, dermatology and more, board members advise the FRAME® COSMETICS team on product development, clinical studies and areas to invest ongoing research. The board also collaborates with top academic institutions for access to intellectual property and the opportunity to partner with leading researchers on clinical trials. The board comprises a network of five companies — each of which harbours its own technical expertise, performing an essential role throughout the production chain. Bio-mechanical devices specially chosen by SAV enhance the effectiveness of FRAME® COSMETICS products, thanks to a mix of hydrogen-rich supplements and nutrients for maximum anti-ageing potential. Rooted in a positive approach to the joys of ageing, FRAME® COSMETICS celebrates life through preserving health, beauty and an active respect for the environment. Embracing the culture of the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle — long associated with longevity and wellbeing — FRAME® COSMETICS are meant to be embraced wholly as a way of life. The fully individualised skincare products offer a life-long solution, whether it’s The Prevention Kit for early adulthood, the Intensive Restoring Kit for mature adulthood, or the Maintenance Kit for a middle-age glow. Cosmeceuticals, Nutraceuticals, and Mechanobiological devices remain the three pillars in FRAME® COSMETICS products, whether it’s the Deep Cleansing Facial Scrub Gel, made of micro particles from olive stones, or the Deep Nourishing Overnight Face Balm, a young adult night cream using biopolymer extracted from Carruba to hydrate and maintain skin tone and elasticity. With FRAME® COSMETICS’s full suite of products to take you through the different stages of life, customers can be ensured of receiving the most effective Pro-Ageing products on the market developed through a rigorously scientific and environmentally-friendly approach.