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If you could find out how much longer you are going to live would you? This is an age old question, how long am I going to live? Do you believe we have a predetermined time on this planet? Is there a way we can determine how much longer we have, or when our, “time” is? Thanks to science and genetic research we can actually come pretty close to answering these questions. We have learned that there are little genetic time clocks at the end of our DNA called telomeres. These little caps help protect the DNA and act like the plastic cap on the end of your tennis shoelace keeping it from fraying. These telomeres come in pairs and upon conception we have around 15,000 of them. Once we are born we are down to 10,000 pairs thanks to all the cellular replication it takes to make a baby, and when we burn through half of those that we have left and get near the 5,000 mark… well, lights out! Some very specific labs can actually test and tell you your genetic age by analyzing these little telomere pairs, if you dare to know. The question becomes, “is the rate that we go through those vital 5,000 pairs of telomeres set in stone?” The answer is NO. Can we actually change the pace at which we go through these telomeres and actually slow down the process? The answer is YES! Even if you were to go and get you genetic age tested, and it turns out you are 15 years older genetically than your age, the show is not over. As it turns out, the way you live your life and your health status, along with the choices we make can actually prove to be difference. STRESS, whether physical, mental or chemical will add to what is called our allostatic load. Basically, our stress level. Stress is a real thing even if people have a hard time quantifying it, testing it, or reducing it. Oxidation is the process that beats us down on a cellular and genetic level that comes from this stress. This oxidative stress wears down our systems, produces free radicals, inflammation, and toxicity. All of which will age you faster than your years, trigger disease states and conditions, and burn through those precious little telomeres. This fantastic piece of information either liberates people and gives them hope, or it scares them into a depression. We look at it as an opportunity to play a larger role in our destiny. Not only a chance to add some years to our life, but some life to the years we have left. The key is healthy living. For others the idea of responsibility for our life, health and even how long we live is too much to bear, never mind the concept of making life changes to effectively turn it around. The truth is we chose our destiny and future with every choice we make in each moment. If you are not actively working to improve your health you will be passively losing it. The game is stacked against us unfortunately. We live in a very stressful world, full of chemicals and toxins, eating fake processed foods, not getting enough exercise and very little out there to help us actually reduce our stress. Fortunately there are programs and systems out there to do just that, but the person has to be one of those people who are relieved they play a role in their health and future and not the one who ignores it. We will even take the middle of the road people out there, but the key is having the desire to make a change and seeing the value in the time, money, and effort you will be putting out to get there. Ultimately it is up to you. Get your family and people close to you together and make a plan based on your values. Set some goals and start to put your team together. Our team consists of a nutritionist, trainer, chiropractor, natural minded medical doctor, and so forth. You never want to have to argue with your health care team or feel you cannot discuss any topic of interest with them. You personal team is number one but your professional team is a close second. So choose wisely!  (By Dr. Don Clum)