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The anatomy of your psyche, an important part of your mind-body-spirit, is as real as your physical body. The three most dense parts are observed and studied scientifically, these are the Aura (chakras and auric bodies – aka. halo, lightbodies, koshas, wheels of light), Meridians (traditionally found in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine – nadis –  and Incan records (light channels) and Internal Aura (revealed in the study of bioelectromagnetism). Before getting into details about them, let me introduce the energies they work with, which I call psychic energies. Psychic energies, the energies of your psyche/consciousness, can be found in historical records from most cultures from around the world (ex. chi, qi, prana, ki, mana, ond, spirit, emotional and mental energies). These records contain information about psychic anatomy as well. There are many scientific studies involving psychic energies. Of particular importance to this article are those that have observed the electromagnetic waves they create when strong enough. Psychic energies are controlled by how you focus your attention (aka. psyche/consciousness). Whether giving your attention to emotions, thoughts or the happens around you, doing so attracts and empowers the presence of associated psychic energies within your psychic anatomy. Once apart of your psychic anatomy, these energies act as your subconscious mind, influencing you to have the same and similar thoughts and emotions. Even your physical health and performance can be significantly influenced when they get strong enough. This is an example of the mind-body-spirit connection. Healthy thoughts and emotions enhance the health and performance of your psychic anatomy, thoughts, emotions and physical body, while unhealthy ones oppress it. Even when in the presence of healthy/unhealthy psychic energies, such as those associated with the people you spend time with, this occurs. From self-help techniques to those associated with spiritual practices (Energy Psychology is embracing many of these techniques), there are many to help empower the presence of healthy psychic energies and lessening the unhealthy ones within you. The benefits of improving the health and performance of your psychic anatomy include the awareness (ex. clairvoyance, extrasensory perception, sixth sense, remote viewing) and control (ex. the modalities of Energy Healing-Empowerment {ex. reiki, qigong, psychic anatomy exercises/yoga/treatments} of psychic energies, manifesting, and connecting spiritually to other people and spirits. In this article, I will focus on the enhancement of physical and health and performance. My theory, which in general is agreed upon by experts, is that your Aura fills with the healthy psychic energies associated with what you given your attention to, these energies get absorbed by your meridians and are then radiated into your Internal Aura by them, influencing biochemistry electromagnetically (the body is very sensitive to electromagnetism). Several technologies already exist that utilize the science behind this theory (search ‘pulsed electromagnetic frequency devices’ and ‘biofeedback’ online). A leader in the field is the institute of HearthMath. Their research has revealed how the electromagnetic rhythms of the heart are influenced by emotions, thoughts and psychic energies. Of particular interest to this article, is the finding of the heart acting as the dominant influence to the bioelectromagnetic activity of the entire body in significant ways; this includes the brain. HeartMath has focused on how healthy psychic energies, thoughts, emotions and even healthy physical nutrients, encourage bioelectromagnetic coherence between individual cells and organs, while unhealthy ones discourage it. A technique for focusing healthy psychic energies upon your heart, facilitating yourself to get into and stay in a healthy state of being (aka. stress-free, calm and collected), is focusing on healthy thoughts and emotions as you focus on your breath and the location of your heart (focusing on your heart focuses the associated psychic energies there). You can expand upon this technique to use hold your hands in front of your heart to help concentrate the healthy psychic energies there. There are many hand techniques that help break up and clear away congested/unhealthy energies and empower healthy ones. The practices called the Psychic Anatomy Exercises, Psychic Anatomy Yoga and Psychic Anatomy Treatments teach many hand techniques, as well as ways to use them on other parts of your body and psychic anatomy. These practices can significantly improve your health and performance much faster than other practices like them, because of how they focus on your psychic anatomy. (By Brett A. Rogers – expert in the fields of psychic energies, psychic anatomy and psychic energy practices)