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Carmen Dell’Orefice was born in 1931 has been a professional model since 1946 when she was on the cover of Vogue at age 15. Carmen is now still walking the runways! “I started in the industry when the industry was born right after World War II.” says the superstar. (Bear in mind, World War II was over 70 years ago!) But Carmen says she’s just now hit her stride. “I finally hit a point in my life where I have a look that is uniquely mine which I’ve grown into.” During the Spring/Summer fashion season in 2012, Carmen Dell’Orefice earned the title of the fashion industry’s oldest working model. She did take a break from modelling in 1956 after her second marriage, and she planned to retire. But Carmen just couldn’t stay away. Twenty years later, in 1978, she was back on the runway, looking as stunning as ever and working it like she’d never left. With all of her years in the spotlight, Carmen has also gained a lot of perspective about the fashion industry, beauty, and age: “I hope I’ve helped women get out of the closet about aging. And live their life and not try to compete with themselves at a younger age or anybody else at any age.” she says.“Time defines me. I didn’t do it by myself. I lived it, I own it, and I present it.”