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How does a man select a grooming product? The power of a good fragrance cannot be overstated. the sense of smell evokes memories which bring back powerful emotions around people and places we’ve loved and enjoyed. Like our clothes and accessories, fragrances make a persuasive statement about you and your personal style. A scent that complements rather than overwhelms can send a sophisticated message to others about who you are and what you represent. I’ve come to appreciate the regular use of fragrances in the past couple of years, having previously rarely used anything scented other than shaving soap. I’ve found that the choice of niche perfumes for men can be a confusing and even overwhelming. How best to select a suitable product and be confident that it’s a good quality product? The best place to start is a high street or online store with a good choice of products. Go for established names and try those first. You cannot go wrong with well known brands like Acqua di Parma, Creed, Czech & Speake, Guerlain, Jo Malone and Tom Ford to name just a few of the many reputable makes available. Look for a history of success in the industry – for example Creed have been making men’s fragrances since 1760 and have a well-established reputation. Their Creed Aventus is a favourite which will leave a lasting impression. Fragrances come with different styles and strengths and can smell quite different depending on who’s wearing them. It’s important to try a few or to read the description of each to decide whether you’re looking for a floral, citrus or more earthy scent – or a certain combination of these. If you try on a product remember that it will change its character over minutes and hours – this is a sign of a complex and good quality product. Lighter top notes – citrus and florals – will rarely be as lingering as more earthy, woody or even spicy bottom notes but they give a fresh start which then develops to allow the middle (or heart) and base notes to take over, often for hours. I tend to go for spicy scents, but I like the sharp freshness of citrus to balance these, although such top notes will not last as long as the spicy base ones. Florals give complex scents which most men prefer balanced with more musky notes, but the choice is entirely yours and you should develop your own tastes, perhaps informed by the reactions of those around you to the fragrances you try. I want to emphasise that fragrance selection is very personal – largely because we like different scents and products smell different on each of us – so rely on your own experiments to make a selection that will eventually become your favourites. Enjoy your search for a personal fragrance. (Source: Fragrantica)